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Warren Buffett 2018 Stock Portfolio Analysis

This is our portfolio analysis report of the legendary investor Mr. Warren Buffett 2018 stock portfolio (top ten holdings) based on 13F filings with SEC. Of course, his stock positions and their sizes would have changed since then. But we are using his portfolio here as an educational tool to understand diversification.

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Let's say Mr. Buffett himself, the Oracle of Omaha, gave us his portfolio for analysis, this would be our report to him ;-) (And, yes, the amount figures shown in this report are in Millions)

This portfolio analysis tool helps you in assessing the diversification, performance , trends and risk profile of your portfolio. First, let us take a look at your portfolio summary - shows all your stock positions, each stock's percentage share of your portfolio and their year-to-date & weekly performances.

12Stocks.comPerformance of Stocks in Your Portfolio

TickerStock NameSectorAmount Invested%age of PortfolioRecent PriceTrend
Change %YTD Change%
AAPLApple Technology2783218%168.37762.09%-5.2%
WFCWells Fargo &Financials2009513%44.38402.26%-7.5%
KHCKraft Heinz Consumer Staples125818%38.64830.63%7.6%
BACBank of AmericaFinancials2368416%34.88622.84%-21.6%
AXPAmerican Express Financials2481416%163.68593.07%0.1%
KOCoca-Cola Consumer Staples2538417%63.46520.65%7.2%
USBU.S. Bancorp Financials41533%47.74251.19%-15.0%
MCOMoody s Services & Goods79015%319.87683.01%-18.1%
BKBank of NewFinancials26812%44.09502.08%-24.1%
LUVSouthwest Airlines CoTransports18671%39.23272.31%-8.4%
The following table shows composition of your current portfolio. You can determine which stocks are your biggest positions - these will drive your portfolio performance. Over time, due to either out-performance or under-performance, a stock position grows bigger or smaller respectively and your portfolio composition becomes quite different to the original portfolio composition that you started out with.

12Stocks.com Your Portfolio Positions by Amount Invested

Stock TickerStock NameAmount InvestedPercentage of Total
AAPLApple 2783218.4%
KOCoca-Cola 2538416.8%
AXPAmerican Express 2481416.4%
BACBank of America2368415.7%
WFCWells Fargo &2009513.3%
KHCKraft Heinz 125818.3%
MCOMoody s 79015.2%
USBU.S. Bancorp 41532.8%
BKBank of New26811.8%
LUVSouthwest Airlines Co18671.2%
The following piechart of your portfolio composition shows visually how your portfolio pie is split between its various constituents. Does your portfolio look diversified from its composition point of view?

Piechart of Portfolio Holdings
The following bar chart shows the top stock positions in your portfolio. These positions will have great impact on how your portfolio performs in future.

Barchart of Top 12 Portfolio Holdings

Now, let us see how diversified your portfolio is by its sector composition. The stock market can be divided into nine major sectors (Technology, Financials, Consumer Staples, Energy, Healthcare, Materials, Transport, Industrials, Utilities)

Some sectors out-performs or under-performs the others during different parts of the economic cycle (for instance, utilities and consumer staples under perform during rising interest rate environments).

Here, in the table below, is the sector based composition of your stock portfolio. The table also shows how many stocks you have in each sector. Is your portfolio spread out across various sectors or concentrated in couple of sectors? Are you diversified from sector point of view?

12Stocks.com Your Portfolio Positions by Sector

SectorAmount InvestedPercentage of PorfolioNumber of Stocks in the Sector
Consumer Staples3796525.1%2
Services & Goods79015.2%1
The following pie chart shows the visualization of your portfolio based on sectors. A well diversified portfolio has stocks from several sectors if not all nine sectors. Of course, based on where we are in the economic cycle, one can over weigh particular sectors (for example, consumer staples sector during recession).

Piechart of Portfolio Holdings by Sector
One way to diversify one's portfolio is by region or country. Countries like China, India & Brazil are expected to be in top five economies of the world by 2050. Hence important to have regionally diversified portfolio. The following table shows your current stock portfolio composition by country.

12Stocks.com Your Portfolio Positions by Country

SectorAmount InvestedPercentage of PorfolioNumber of Stocks by Country
To help with your research on having more diversified investments across the globe, please read our popular 12Stocks.com pages: Emerging Markets, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Canada.

Another way to look at portfolio diversification is to look at your portfolio composition by large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap stock segments. Large cap stocks tend to be popular and have stable growth & less risk. Small cap stocks have high risk but also provide opportunities for strong growth and profitability. During bullish periods, small cap segment tends to out-perform large cap segment significantly.

The following table shows your portfolio composition by marketcap. A well diversified portfolio has stocks spread across all three market segments (largecap, midcap & smallcap). For further research, look into these pages Dow 30, S&P 100, Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, Midcap 400 and Small Cap Stocks.

12Stocks.com Your Portfolio Positions by Marketcap

SectorAmount InvestedPercentage of PorfolioNumber of Stocks by Marketcap
Large Cap150992100.0%10
Now, let us do portfolio analysis by performance. The winners and losers year to date. The following table shows the year-to-date and weekly performances of various stocks in your portfolio.

12Stocks.com Your Portfolio Positions by Year-to-Date Performance

SymbolAmountYear-to-Date ChangeWeekly Change

Now, let us visualize the top winners in your portfolio using this bar chart. Compare your portfolio performances with how various stock market segments are performing currently - 12Stocks.com Home page and Top Ten Stocks - Year-to-Date.

Bottom line is how is your overall portfolio performing? Sure, every balanced portfolio has winners and laggards. Also, there will always be periods where your portfolio outshines the market and vice versa. But what one has to keep watch is that one's overall portfolio is consistently beating the market otherwise it might be just easier to invest in an index ETF fund like VTI or SPY.

OK, let us first check your overall stock portfolio performances and then you can compare it with overall market's performances.

Bottomline: Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio Performances:
This week so far2.0%

Overall Stock Market Performances:
This week so far1.2%

Ok, now that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio, you can create new portfolios using our Am I Diversified - Portfolio Analysis Tool and view analysis results. You can tweak your portfolio composition till it fits your needs. Always consult your financial advisor before taking any action as they know your investing needs best. Enjoy!

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